About 2RDJ


We are owned & operated by the members of RDJ-FM Community Radio Co-op Ltd for the entire community.

Our Aims:

  • To support the development of and the ongoing provision of Community Broadcasting services within Ashfield, Burwood, Strathfield & Canada Bay Councils.
  • To support the principle of local autonomy in the provision and control of community broadcasting services.
  • To promote the principles of independence in programming, diversity of programming, access to broadcasting facilities, diversity of opinion and views which enable the fullest expression of the aspirations and culture of the Australian people and the Inner West in particular.
  • To provide a range of services to members and the community we serve, including information, technical, programming and training services.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To be a, viable culturally diverse community based organisation with strong ties to local groups. To entertain. To stimulate interest in local issues/affairs. To educate. To tie in all three elements in the radio station’s programming.

Vision: To be the radio station of choice for residents in our target area for local news, views, events and entertainment.

Values: As an organisation we value our standing in the community and we value our RDJ family.
In our production and delivery of radio programs we value excellence, diversity and a high standard of ethical behaviour.

As members we value a culture that fosters inclusiveness, friendliness, tolerance, courtesy, consideration, a positive attitude, and open communication.

Why We Are Here

  • To provide a local voice for Sydney’s Inner west.
  • To promote the Inner West through the broadcasting of information, news, community services and activities, entertainment and all aspects of community life.
  • To allow for the diversity of the region to be communicated through open access to the community of their own broadcasting facilities.
  • To bring the community together through the promotion of services and facilities within the community that represent the aspirations and endeavours of the region and its people.
  • To provide a mix of entertainment, information, news and training opportunities that reflects our community’s needs and interests.

How We Are Funded

Radio 2RDJ is funded by membership fees, grants from the public and private sectors through provisions of goods & services which are obtained through competitive processes. Fundraising activities which include the sale of promotional items, raffles, concerts and other entrepreneurial activities are also means of funding.

Donations of cash, goods and services from supportive individuals and institutions, together with voluntary activities of members and friends.

Sponsorship of the station, or other beneficial activities by business houses, for which sponsors receive on air acknowledgement. This acknowledgement is in the form of an announcement that informs the community of the support received, and the goods, services and activities of the sponsoring business.

What Is Community Radio?

Community (or Local) Radio is a major contributor to the diversity of Australian broadcasting services and provides:

  • Broad community participation
  • Wide variety in programming
  • Training for the broadcasting industry as a whole
  • Independence from government and commercial interests
  • Counterbalance to the concentration of media ownership
  • Programs for the under-served minority audiences
  • Freedom to experiment
  • Strong support for Australian creative resources

There are over 200 licensed community radio stations throughout Australia and a further 50 groups seeking community radio licenses. Additionally there are 16 groups seeking Community Television licenses.

Download The History Of Radio 2RDJ Booklet

Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know what you think by contacting us through our contact page.

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