Cheffing & Showtunes
from 3-5 pm every Thursday afternoon


Lyn Doherty is a chef with a passion for Musical Theatre.  When COVID hit and her restaurant shut down she started a catering company and was looking at other ways to keep herself busy.

Then she found Radio 2RDJ, and created
Cheffing & Showtunes.

Each week a musical is selected and then a menu is created which has a link, however tenuous, to the show.

The menu and ingredients are loaded onto the Cheffing & Showtunes Facebook page in advance so listeners can get everything ready beforehand.  During the show we go into the history of the musical and discuss different ideas and issues raised as we play the entire soundtrack from start to finish.  While we do this we prepare and cook the meal.  At the end of the show the meal should be ready and everyone has learnt a little more about the musical.  The details of the recipes are loaded on the Facebook page after the show.

Wherever possible Australian Cast versions of the musicals are played and local in season produce is used.