2RDJ-FM relies heavily on dedicated volunteers to keep the station broadcasting loud and clear. We’re always looking for good people to volunteer and contribute to the station. You will need to be reliable and able to confidently take on responsibility and show initiative and commitment, both to the station’s philosophical objectives and to contributing to station life.

If you have an idea for a show, drop us a line, let us know who you are and what it is, and any previous radio experience you might have. You might be an experienced broadcaster with a great proposal that would suit what 2RDJ does, or have an idea for a show we don’t currently have. Focus on community. Think diverse, broad-reaching and what kind of content you could offer (interviews, segments, etc), as well as the kind of commitment you could realistically give to the station week to week, and for how long.

If you are a formally established not-for-profit community group operating in our target broadcast area (the local government areas of Ashfield, Burwood, Canada Bay and Strathfield) we would love to have you on board.  Membership of 2RDJ-FM will help you to communicate with like-minded people and to promote your activities to our listening audience.

To be a part of 2RDJ-FM you should be:

  • Passionate about radio
  • interested in community issues
  • a good communicator
  • willing to work as part of a team
  • responsible and reliable
  • enthusiastic
  • prepared to make a commitment

We will give you:

  • an interesting and rewarding hobby
  • the opportunity to be part of the exciting and challenging world of radio
  • the chance to learn new skills
  • the satisfaction of working with us to achieve our objectives
  • basic training plus access to accredited training offered through the CBAA/CBF (when available)

To become a member of Radio 2RDJ-FM either:

Download a membership form using this link. To download, you will need a friendly printer and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available to download for free from here.

Apply using this link

Note that the demand for volunteer places at the station can be far greater than our capacity to meet it so the selection process can be competitive. 2RDJ-FM provides free training for all station volunteers.